Electric Glass Lifter Saudi Arabia, Dubai UAE

Vacuum Glass Lifters

Features : 

1. Light and compact. Easy and safe operation- Easily attach to cranes and hoists.
2. DC 12V battery-powered. 
3. Extractable extension-arms available for different sized glass.
4. Powered / Manual  90 ° tilt and 360 °endless rotation.
5. Digital vacuum pressure display and LCD battery level and  volume display
6. Radio Remote Operation
7. Equipped with a vacuum alarm, power-down packing and alarm device.
8. Fully Customizable as per customer requirements and maximum loads

9. Different models available with 4,6,8 or more suckers.

10. Lifting capacity upto 1500 Kgs

11. Dual Vacuum Circuit

12. European Product. Full compliance to safety standards. Full technical and after-sales support available across all cities in UAE and Saudi Arabia (KSA).