Modern Eastern Lifting Equipment is a part of the Modern Eastern Group. We provide light and heavy lifting products and  solutions aimed at improving efficiency and reducing workload of the employees enabling a safer and more efficient work place. We are the authorized distributor for TAWI AB, Sweden's leading lifting equipments and solutions manufacturer. We offer complete after sales service and of all TAWI products in UAE and KSA.

TAWI VacuEasylift uses vacuum technology to grip and hold the load, as well as to lift and lower to the right position. Working with vacuum is quick, easy and comfortable. Anyone can learn how to use our vacuum lifters within a few minutes. Vacuum offers a reliable technology that ensures sustainability for both business and people.
TAWI VacuEasylift is our most versatile lifter, offering a wide selection of tools to handle anything from big cardboard boxes to ungainly plastic bags, blocks of cheese and fragile glass sheets. Need to lift different types of goods? A quick coupling lets you easily switch suction tool to handle various loads with the same lifter.

Whether you are a manufacturer, fabricator or installer, lifting, moving and positioning sheet metal is always a challenge. TAWI’s vacuum lifters provide an efficient, cost-effective and secure method of meeting this challenge, with a complete line of sheet lifting equipment engineered to meet a variety of dimensional, capacity and application requirements.

Vacuum handling sheets of metal makes them virtually weightless and easy to handle, tilt, rotate and move to any desired location. Sheet metal lifting with vacuum is also a very safe way of handling these heavy objects, providing a secure engagement of the load that will not come loose and endanger employees.

Streamline your reel handling with smart solutions for efficient and precise lifting. TAWI Lifting Trolleys are robust and reliable lifters with a wide selection of tools for handling most types of goods.

A Coregripper tool picks up reels from the core, allowing you to tilt and turn the reel to the exact position where you need it. Easily pick up reels from a pallet, transport them to machine or shelf and tilt them to horizontal position before placing them where you need them.

A QuickLoad function automatically stops the lifter at the exact height where you need it, saving you from manual adjustments.

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